2018 Highlights

The Largest Number Of Prominent Maggidei Shiur In Yerushalayim

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סוגיא דכלה
עניני פיקוח נפש והלכות רפואה - סנהדרין עב-עה


Join Hundreds Of Participants

“B”H this is the eighth time I’m here. The Yarchei Kallah, like a good wine, gets better and better. And a yasher koach to all the me’argenim, morah’dig. Everybody should be coming to this Yarchei Kallah.”

– Mr. Aaron Herzog, Toronto, Canada


Uniting. Igniting. Inspiring.

“To spend an entire week with other baalei batim chashuvim, who took time off to be lomeid Torah and to be included with them is a terrific z’chus. I would definitely, want to come again. Thank you very much for a wonderfully planned program.”

– Rabbi Yochanan Stengel, Baltimore, MD